Flat Bed Bolster Body Support Pillow Gray


  • Designed with tufted buttons and stitched detailing, the rolled edges add decorative flair. This oversized lumbar pillow has generous filling for extra comfort and support as you sit back and relax. Use alone as an accent piece or with other printed/solid or embroidered cushions for a coordinated look.
  • This oversized throw pillow provides better support than regular sized fluffy throw pillows. It’s sturdy to keep its shape. The generous filling offers added comfort. Paired with a soft mattress, it ensures the best support as you lean back and relax. This modern large backrest pillow also prevents bed pillows from sliding between the mattress and headboard.
  • Use this large back support cushion as a headboard alternative or sofa back, or place it on a bench as a new sofa. This long bed pillow can also be used as a large body pillow to help you sleep better. This upholstered headboard pillow goes well with various home decor styles, adding a warm and cozy feeling to the bedroom.
  • 100% Polyester ultra-soft craft fabric pillow. Traditional throw pillows sag over time, but the tufted buttons here hold the filling in place for durability. Patchwork stitching and flanged edges provide extra decoration.
  • Removable, machine washable pillowcases thanks to the tufted button design and invisible zipper.